Book Review of "This Is" Series, by Miroslav Sasek

Miroslav Sasek, born in Prague, was a painter and illustrator.  He began his
This Is" Series in 1958. His books give a whimsical introduction to the great
cities of the world. His simple, yet elegant style have made these vintage
books a favorite with both kids and adults. There are eighteen "
This Is"
books, and due to their popularity, they've been reissued. You can still find
some vintage copies.

Miroslav Sasek's books capture the essence of each city. What makes a city
tick? What landmarks define it? Why would a person travel to see it? The
vibrant colors and playful illustrations answer these questions and impart a
sense of ownership to all who read these books. From the hustle and bustle
of New York, to the guards at Buckingham Palace, Sasek transports his
readers with beautiful illustrations. This is a wonderful way to introduce
children to the joys of travel. These books paint a picture of each city that will
last a lifetime.

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