Turner Falls
Davis, Oklahoma

Tom and Huck would have loved this place. And homeschoolers will, too.  
Turner Falls Park is in the Arbuckle Mountains. Natural caves, nature trails,
and a 77-foot waterfall make this area of Oklahoma a classroom for the

Homeschoolers can learn a lot about geology in the Arbuckle Mountains.
Some of this area was formed in PreCambrian times, and draws geologists
from all over the world. The Arbuckle Mountains have been described as a
window into our past, dating back 300 million years. This is a great place to
do a nature unit study.

The waterfall cascades down to form a large natural swimming pool. The kids
love swimming in the cold water, and looking up at the cave in the cliff above.
Take care with young children, as this area is deep. We also enjoy wading in
Honey Creek. Under a canopy of trees, we follow the creek until every now
and then, it's deep enough to swim. I recommend water shoes, since some of
the pebbles are sharp.

Besides the waterfall pool, there's also a less dramatic swimming pool at the
front of the park. It's still a hit with the kids, due to the huge slide that dumps
them out several feet above the water. There is a fee to enter the park.
Turner Falls Park is located at I-35 and H.W. 77.

Amy Parker                                                                                        
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