Homeschool Across America  

Homeschoolers have always valued education on the road. Grab
some blank notebooks, nature journals, maps, and travel books,
jump in the car, and learning is sure to follow.

Thats's why Carolyn Haroldson will always remember 4th grade. In September,
2007, she and her mother, Amy, began their  six week homeschool journey across
America. They traveled through every geographic region of the U.S. Here are a few
highlights of their trip:

* While in Vermont, Caroline and Amy had tea with the family of Tasha Tudor,
Caroline's favorite book illustrator .

* In Philadelphia, they saw the actual inkwell used to sign the Declaration of
Independence and the Constitution.

* What's a world adventure without chocolate? At Hershey Park in Pennsylvania,
they enjoyed the educational resources available to homeschoolers.

* They arrived in Liberal, Kansas just in time for the "Oz Fest".

* In Ashland, Oregon, Caroline and Amy attended the Shakespeare Festival.

Along the way, Caroline studied about Colonial Life, the Revolutionary War, the
Civil Rights Movement and Great American