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A Great Way to Learn a Foreign Language

Homeschool vacations can include studying the Renaissance in
Florence, Italy; exploring the canals of  Germany, or learning about
gladiators in Rome. Learning a foreign language is an added bonus
of travel. It's always easier to learn foreign languages at an early age.
What might take a year of study from textbooks and classes, could
only take a few months of language immersion for a child. Traveling
homeschool families are tapping into the educational resources of
museums, organizing cruises, and participating in volunteer

Capturing Tuscany, A Homeschool Adventure

After experiencing Italy with her children, homeschool mom
Laurel Perry Turner started her tour company,
Capturing Tuscany.
She teamed up with Tommaso Becucci, from the Bellavista
Impruneta Hotel. The Hotel and Restaurant has been family-owned
and operated for over 100 years.

Tommaso was Laurel's guide when she went to Italy. With his
knowledge of the Tuscany region and all it has to offer, her family
experienced a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
Now, Laurel would like to share the experience with other families.
With the comfort of having the Bellavista Impruneta Hotel as  a
home base, families can explore Tuscany and the surrounding
regions. Highlights of the family tour include visiting the towers of
San Gimignamo, swimming in the hot springs at Bagni San Filippo,
and learning about Etruscan history in the town of Lucca.

Families will also enjoy exploring Pinocchio  Park, visiting the
leaning tower of Pisa, and having a free day in Florence. The best
part of this family tour is that Laurel's homeschool experience will
make the trip fun
and educational. She also has homeschool
resource recommendations for Italy study.
Laurel recommends preparing early for the trip:

"Before I took my kids to Italy, we spent an entire semester learning
about the art, culture, language, geography and history of Italy. It
was so rewarding to be there and have them so fascinated by
everything they saw, because they knew what they were looking at!
We spent 3 weeks completely immersing ourselves in the culture

To teach Italian, Laurel has used both Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur.
She found Rosetta Stone to be more kid-friendly. Her kids learned
the most Italian while playing at Italian playgrounds!
"The most beautiful story is when a little girl walked up to my kids
with a piece of red bark from a tree. She called them over to the
walkway and  proceeded to draw on the stones with her piece of
bark.  She drew an American flag and an Italian flag. She pointed at
my kids then pointed to our flag, then pointed to herself and to her
own flag. It was such a beautiful moment, then they all ran away
together to play hide and seek!"

Family Walking Tour in the Swiss Alps

Classic Journeys
is for families who want an active, fun travel
experience.  And it doesn't hurt that education is big on the list as
well. Their walking tour in the Swiss Alps involves train rides,
kayaking, glaciers, and river- rafting. Homeschool families will enjoy
eating lunch in a revolving mountaintop restaurant, meeting farmers
and cheese-makers, and staying in chalet hotels.
Oh, and don't forget your copy of
Heidi !

Experiencing Israel

Chris Davis has been taking homeschool families to Israel since
2002. His company recognizes that homeschoolers want
"Experiences", not tourism. He chose Danny and Judy Kransdorf
as Tour Operators, knowing they could give homeschool families
an in-depth look at Israel's biblical history. Homeschoolers will
join archaeologists, searching for artifacts, at the Temple Mount.
Other highlights of the trip include visiting the biblical sites of
Jerusalem, swimming in the Dead Sea, and viewing the City of
Gold from the top of Mount Olives.

Families will be given information on how to document earned
credit from their educational travel. To find out more about the
Israel trips, visit
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