History Books and Resources for

Forget textbooks. Historical fiction is the way to go.
The one exception is Joy Hakim's
History of Us for
American history.

Historical fiction brings out the reader's emotions,
and lays a foundation for retention. The more you
get pulled into the story, the more facts you'll
remember. Most of today's history textbooks
jump from one battle to the next. With no chance
of feeling an emotional connection to the characters,
retention, or even
interest, is low.

Some of the other history resources we've used
are the Landmark book series. These are
biographies, and books on specific events. They're
older, but well worth the effort of finding them used.

We also enjoy using
The Great Courses. These
lecture style dvds cover history and a variety of
other subjects. One of the history professors
dresses up in an appropriate outfit  for each time

It's not hard to instill a love of history. The fastest
way is to respect the intelligence of the student.

Amy Parker, 2013
Homeschool Travel Resource